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 Sportsmassage Therapy

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Equine Clients

"Zippos In Motion" 1987 registered AQHA gelding.
"Zip had an old injury that was limiting his range of motion. Céleste was able to pinpoint the affected area and he's now on his way back to health and happiness." Joan


"Bradley's Roberto" aka" Brad"
14 y.o. TB
"Sportsmassage with Celeste has helped to keep both Brad and me sound". Cheri



"Midnight Dancer" aka. "Pookie"
8 yr. old Arab/Appy
"She's a family pet who is still recovering from a hock injury. She's used lightly and loves to go out onthe trails." Lyn

"Piper" 11y.o. TB
"Even the horse I own gets his massages!"
Céleste (me)

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