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 Sportsmassage Therapy

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When should I consider Sportsmassage?

 How can you tell if you or your pet needs Sportsmassage?

Pet owners know their pets, but not always their own bodies. They are attuned to their animals and can tell right away if something isn't "right." However, more often than not they ignore their own bodies' signals of trouble.

If the frisbee doesn't go as far as it used to, or the saddle seems harder to lift, it may be time to see your Sports Therapist.

If your dog is stiff upon rising, or doesn't chase the ball with enthusiasm anymore, chances are the dog is not comfortable somewhere in his body.

If you horse has trouble picking up a canter lead or bending to one side, he may be unable to perform that movement because of tight, inhibited muscles.

If unsure of what is wrong, get your animal to a vet (and yourself to a doctor) and rule out possible medical problems before calling your Sportsmassage Therapist.

A Grateful Great Dane

Larger dogs benefit greatly from Sportmassage.





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