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 Sportsmassage Therapy

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Clinics are a great way to learn about Sportsmassage Therapy for your horse and/or dog.

Not only do you learn about the many benefits, but you also gain so much from the live demonstrations and question/answer period.

If you're interested in hosting or attending a clinic on either Canine or Equine Sportsmassage Therapy, contact me for pricing and availability.

 "COWBOY" a happy agility dog.


Muscles and motion are the same in all athletes, human or other.

All athletics stress the muscular system. This causes tightening of the muscle fibers. At the point of stress, "knots" form. Over time these "knots" add more fibers, compromising freedom and ease of motion. Pain and discomfort arise and resistance develops.

The athlete can no longer perform at peak efficiency or power.

Breaking apart the adhered fibers and loosening the whole muscle returns the athlete to full potential.

Warming up and stretching can not release "knots."

Only direct pressure, cross fiber friction and compression of the muscle fibers, along with proper follow-up exercise, restore the tissue to normal function.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Berners' average life expectancy is 7-8 years and suffer from physical problems due to poor breeding practices in the past.



"My Berners worship you, Céleste!"   

Jorda's and Yoda's Mom, Lisa


Chelsea, CGC is a 6 year old Doberman adopted through Doberman Rescue.

"Training is only one facet of preparing for competition, working with Céleste is key to Chelsea's conditioning program."

Beth S.



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