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 Sportsmassage Therapy

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What is


Sportsmassage is primarily a preventive measure, used to prepare an athlete's muscles for the stress of exertion.




Singles Open JAM Winner

The Yankee Waterfowlers Hunting Retriever Club's
Open-Level Single Mark Championship

"Whether we're pursuing upland birds or waterfowl hunting, participating in hunt tests or obedience competition, Céleste's massage therapy keeps both Chewy and I physically able to keep going and have fun!"

Cheryl Palmer
& WR Fairview's Choc Chewbacca,
UD, SH, WC, CGC (10 years old)

2001 Pheasant Championship Winner

The Yankee Waterfowlers Hunting Retriever Club's
Annual Pheasant Championship
Markover Game Preserve - Danielson, CT

Other awards won:

Highest Scoring Veteran Dog - Chewy at 11 years old

Highest Scoring Mixed Gender Team - Cheryl & Norman

This was one of the most exciting days we've had!

CHEWY, at 11 years old, just went out there and hammered this upland hunting event.

We accumulated the highest number of points ever awarded by YWHRC at this event.

The team managed to flush, retrieve & bag 4 pheasants using only 4 shells in 12.5 minutes!

I am so proud of my "boy", he just continues to amaze me. He's truly "one of a kind."



What exactly does sportsmassage do for the athlete?

  • Prepares muscles to do their job
  • Helps to prevent serious soft tissue injury
  • Increases pliability of muscles
  • Releases spasms, areas of muscle fibers unable to release themselves
  • Restores full range of motion to joints
  • Speeds the recovery process
  • Allows the athlete to perform at peak potential with full power



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