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Céleste M. Ryfa, LMT is a graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics and of the Jack Meagher Institute of Sports Therapy. She has been working on humans since 1995 and on horses and dogs since 1997. She has worked at the USCA National Canoe and Kayak Racing Championships doing pre- and post Sportsmassage therapy, gone to Florida to work during the Winter Equestrian Festival, and worked several years at the Thanksgiving Cluster Dog Show in W. Springfield, MA doing human and canine Sportsmassage. Céleste has spoken to several equine and canine groups about Sportsmassage therapy, been invited to speak at the annual American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Conference in N.C., and at the Northeast Horsemen's Conference. She also works at agility trials, dog shows, training facilities, horse shows, private barns and maintains a human massage therapy practice in Providence, RI. Celeste has also worked as the Sportsmassage Therapist for Providence College Athletics.

Céleste also has a B.S. from Johnson and Wales University in Equine Business Management. She can be reached at Animassage, 1 Richmond Square, Ste 308E, Providence, RI 02906, (401)523-0663 or cmryfa@cox.net.





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